Top Tips from Rowan Digital Marketing Dinner

Top Tips from Rowan Digital Marketing Dinner

Great to have valued guests join us at our dinner last week where Jenny & Richard Parker, Founders of Country Attire, talked us through their journey in establishing a successful e-commerce business and shared insight on learns along the way. We also heard from Jo Scott, founder of Truth Creative, who summarised the importance of branding & digital marketing as part of that journey and building e-commerce strength.

Summary & top tips below:


  • E-commerce should be fully integrated not siloed
  • Online and offline marketing can work in union, don’t forgo offline entirely – Direct mailings are useful if targeted and non-digital advertising can be effective
  • In House vs Agency – Depends on Size, scale, investment and skillsets. (Watch out for sharks)
  • Customer is King (and Queen!)

Digital Marketing Top Tips

  1. Know your ROI – Ensure its right and sensible for your business.
  2. Profile your customers – Take on feedback
  3. Keep your marketing and message consistent – across channels / mediums
  4. Bring fresh eyes to your business – Branding, User Journey & Testing Key
  5. Invest in the right tech – you’ll sleep at night! (Keep abreast of latest tech, shopping on Insta, text ordering… what is next? 1 to 1 personalisation.)